Ross Ericsson

Art Director/Stylist/Photographer

I have been working in the industry for just under ten years. After graduating with a Bachelor’s degree in photography I started an internship at URBN INC’s e-commerce photo studio in 2011. I was able to learn about different aspects of the industry outside photography and immediately gravitated toward styling. I styled men’s and women’s apparel sets, but it was during my time at URBN Home Studio I realized how much I enjoyed styling products—creating a space that sells not just a product, but an idea, really appealed to me. This pushed me to learn everything about the flat e-commerce world!

After a year of freelancing across different departments at Urban Outfitters I was brought on as a full-time employee in 2013 as a Men’s Flat stylist. I was tasked with building soft good styling for URBN Men’s e-commerce and editorial from the ground up. It was challenging but extremely rewarding. The success I experienced developing the styling standards for UO Men’s Flat clothing imagery resulted in my promotion to Lead Stylist for all men’s flats, including e-commerce, store display, editorials, and UO men’s social accounts.

As Lead Stylist I had the opportunity to work on other visual developments, including expansion into T-mall, a virtual mall for Asian markets. I utilized my degree in photography and my skills as a stylist to innovate and test ideas, creating streamlined workflows. This led to my promotion to Assistant Art Director where I continued to develop and grow these projects as well as expand my role into social media. 

My journey in the fashion industry over the past decade has really confirmed my passion for Flats. 

I like to say “I live in a flat product focused world, with infinite possibilities.”

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Location - Philadelphia, PA

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